This is the story of a feeble attempt to grown our own wine. We have no experience, no regard for safety, and a penchant for drinking more than our fill.


15 thoughts on “About

  1. Hilarious. I like you people.

  2. Thanks Erin! We like you as well!

  3. Hello – I’ve nominated you for the Sunshine Award. Check out my post at marcellarousseau.wordpress.com Congratulations!

  4. Thanks Marcella! Much Appreciated! I’ll have to find 10 worthy bloggers to nominate as well :).

  5. If you haven’t seen it yet, there is a fun, wine related documentary called Blood Into Wine. It’s the singer from tool trying to start a vineyard.

    • That sounds amazing actually! We will be sure to check it out, thanks for the info!

      • Hey Tableflip I’d like to interview you guys on RoodonFood. I think everyone dreams of starting a vineyard. I like that it’s nerdy and self-deprecating.If you’re up for it, please send me an email to roodonfood {at} gmail.com and I’ll email you some questions about the wine making process so far.

    • Hi RoodonFood, We would love to! I’ll fire you out an email today. Thanks for the interest!


  6. Right up my alley – love it! Cheers.

  7. Anthony Braybrooke

    Cheers for the like! From your about me, I think I need to have a look around your blog… Haha.

  8. Hey guys – good luck with this. And if you need any technical winemaking or viticulture advice, do not be shy about asking. Cheers, Sam

    • Oh we would love any help you are willing to provide, google has been our only instructor and its contradictory at the best of times. Thanks for the well wishes!

  9. Hey, thanks for liking my post, Roll Out That Red Carpet…I’m Coming. If you hadn’t, I might not have ever stumbled upon your blog. I love your site 🙂

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