Get Thee to a Winery!

Again, many apologies for our third (fourth?) prolonged absence and further to it, the ham-handed Hamlet reference for a title. In order to make it up to you though, I have a couple guest blogs to be posted from other errant meanderers of our project. The first (below) is from our chief of insecurity Alex, who would like to introduce you to our most impressive season to date and his new favourite toy. I’ll give you a hint, it spins like a room after a long night and accomplishes what the red queen never could. The second blog to be posted later, is an update on how our fermentation went from Chad, our chief of potables not involving Bachus.

For behold, behind the curtain I reveal to you Alex!

“Ah – that crisp, mid-May Creemore air. The smell of fresh grass surrounds you, as the cold wind brings with it the faint rumble of the tractor next door, along with the sweet aroma of diesel and freshly laid manure. The hustle and bustle of spring! For us down in the city, this means crawling out after another bitter winter and relaxing by breaking in your first patio of the season, or catching a game at the Dome with the roof open. Go Jays! Up here, in the hills around Creemore, from some of the best views of Southern Ontario, it’s clear to see that life has begun anew. The fields are being prepped for another season, Canada geese have begun to pair off, and, much to our delight, it seems that all our vines have survived another winter. In fact, they are already well on their way, with all sprouting buds and a few leaves popping up. Without jinxing any of our possible success, I will say that spirits are high and troop morale is at its peak.


What are Wednesdays for if not for working? Without the weekend traffic, Brendan and I made our way up for the second time this year to put some TLC into our future wine factories. As this is my first time meeting you, allow me to introduce myself – my name is Alex, and I am in charge of security and speeding on dirt roads. While you may think that the risks to our little grape garden are few, the reality is quite different. If you have read some of our earlier entries, you will recall our gallant battles with grazing deer, pesky birds and our fence…RIP. You should also know that I was in full support of using wolf pheromones…but it turned out that deer netting effectively solved all three issues, and required a lot less wolves.

It’s funny how things that really shouldn’t go missing always seem to disappear. Just like your left sock, all our anchors for the netting have mysteriously vanished. While this may seem like simple carelessness on our part, as director of security I cannot believe in mere coincidence and will pursue this matter further. In the meantime it fell upon Brendan to make some more while I laid out the new netting. We also added a new weapon to our arsenal – an electric weed weed whacker. It’s going to make trimming around vines a breeze and it’s just really super awesome to use. (Pro Tip: If you are looking for any kind of deer or bird netting at Home Depot, it’s in the building materials section. Do not believe them when they say they don’t have it in the garden section. It’s a trap.)


Needless to say, we here at Table Flip are all excited for this summer. Not only does it bring us closer to trying the first batch, but as we become less incompetent at growing grapes, we can now start getting to some of the ideas we’ve had for a while. Hail almighty Google and their Search Algorithm for pointing us onto the right path. I won’t bore you with our plans, but we will keep you updated as they roll out. Until then, we hope you all keep well and safe and stuff. Cheers!”

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