Accidentally On Purpose


owls are cool.

Contests are the tool of the devil. Generating manufactured interest in a product or service by providing an incentive for the interaction just seems like a bait and switch. So of course, we did one. By did one I mean I needed a platform to try out a piece of software for my real job, so I figured the least dangerous place would be on the measly Table Flip Fan Page where no one would notice. I then proceeded to make it OBVIOUSLY fake by using sassy lingo, not updating the terms and conditions, and providing an ambiguous prize namely a “bottle of wine”. Well the fates have a funny way of spinning thread, people actually entered. Not just people, but strangers. This put us in a funny position, what was once just a test to see if a piece of software worked now has an obligation to see it through. In essence, I now have to buy a drink for a stranger. I’m not so good at that. I have a long track record of bar housed failures and awkward “what are you doing?” moments. This is bound to go just as well. So enter if you choose, I promise to send you a bottle of wine if you win and the laws of your governing region allow it. In for a penny, in for a pound I guess.

On a side note, we’re trying our first wine from Uruguay tonight: Las Brujas (translates to “The Witches” but don’t confuse the Roald Dahl novel for youths). It has an owl on it, I like it already. It has… large tannins. Chalk on the nose and black licorice smacks you as though you were an insubordinate child in the 40s. It also smells like Bic pens and tastes like “some kind of berry”, we’re very specific and talented tasters obviously.

Oh right the contest, click here I guess.

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3 thoughts on “Accidentally On Purpose

  1. I’m insulted you’ve labelled me part of “measly following.” You can take this “no one” and shove it.

    Now how do I enter this contest?

  2. Have you at any time had a truly memorable glass of wine? What about a memorable bottle?
    Which was more critical on your knowledge, the organization or the wine alone?

  3. After the wine vines in the label said composed of onions, tomato paste, red
    peppers, vegetable oil, garlic, and sugar. Dark chocolate made it
    long with perky acidity but took away its fruit. Benidorm plus
    Alicante is the change of a special trip or an important tool.
    In The End, this match-up seemed challenging at the full retail price.

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