There and Back Again

It never hurts to go back to the beginning, to your inspiration, to where your ideas were strictly embryonic and that voice in the back of your head is still winning the fight of “don’t do it!” Six months ago, we were in Niagara On The Lake testing the libations of various wineries until we could barely feel shame. We had fallen in love with wine, an ancient siren song luring us towards the rocks. With each stop on our tour we felt ourselves drift further from reality, the bills at home, the hungry and angry cat (that insists that my entire apartment is its toilet), and the balance of our diminishing bank accounts. It was on this ground that we had decided that a vineyard was a swell idea. We figured we couldn’t be the worst at it so what could possibly hold us back? Well here we were again on yet another tour of duty of Niagara On The Lake’s wineries, hoping to catch that spirit that inspired us so long ago.

Instead we got mighty drunk.

With three sheets to the wind and the soul of Atalanta in our feet, we thought it would be a great idea to make it a race against ourselves to ensure that we hit every winery that had any signs of life. The festival again had a food pairing to go with a wine sample at each facility, some were paired beautifully so that the flavor of the wine altered, others felt as discombobulating as a Tom Bombadil segue. Ravine for example, had ribs from pigs raised on their own property. To quote the woman describing them “you can really taste the love we put in the pigs”, you know, before they were put to death for our tasting. They had paired it with… something, a wine probably, but we were too distracted by the ribs to notice. Others got a little more creative; Inniskillin paired a Vidal ice wine with sweet chili Thai chicken wings, it was a surprisingly opulent but nifty combination. The nicest surprise of the day was the discovery of a room entirely devoted to back vintage Baco Noir down at Henry of Pelham. We got away relatively easy buying only the 1999, 2003 (which had turned, womp womp), and the 2005.When the dust eventually settled and the wine purchases were tallied, we probably spent more on the weekend buying wine than trying to produce our own. This isn’t to say that making your own is frugal, but rather a testament to our lack of impulse control.

Oh yeah, and we bought chickens. An entire brood of chickens.

This is right after we all spent 30 seconds petting Jennifer's face for no reason.

This is right after we all spent 30 seconds petting Jennifer’s face for no reason.

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13 thoughts on “There and Back Again

  1. Oooo Hobbit allusions. Nice one. I just finished rereading it this morning, in preperation for the film. And then did the unthinkable: read chapter one of the Fellowship. I’m sucked in AGAIN. I like where you’re going with the non-growing season posts.

    • Haha a Tolkien fan eh? Yeah I got sucked in again not long ago but then lost the book on the bus and decided that was providence to not lose three months of reading. Thanks for the comment, coming up next is a guest blog actually!

  2. A Book of Power looks after itself, Table Flip. It may slip off treacherously, but its keeper never abandons it. Perhaps it was time your copy went to a new keeper.

  3. love love your writing and humour….flipping your link to friends who will no doubt enjoy your quirks as much as I do!

  4. Ok, I know you are sick of hearing from me… but I can’t help but remember that “There and Back Again” was also a fantasy/sci-fi bookstore that I used to frequent as a kid on my way through Canada (to go to Stratford for Shakespeare). They closed. I was so sad, and was pleasantly reminded by your post.

    • Aw lovely! I never went there, wish it still existed. Happy to remind you though! We are a couple years from wine sending but when it happens we will sort a way to get it to you I promise. I have a bit of a list going 🙂

      • Not a problem. You can’t rush the grapes. Actually, watching your progress will help me with a potential (long term) writing project. So this could be a mutually beneficial relationship, as they say. 🙂 Though it’s awfully far in the future, I’ll send you a copy of the results in return. 🙂

      • Well now you have me intrigued haha!

  5. Well, the barest outline of the story is already written down, so I don’t mind telling you a little bit. Essentially, taking the story I told in the second half of and turn it into a novel length story. I would need to know a lot about how long it takes vines to mature, what kind of work involved, what can go wrong, and details about whether or not that story has any basis in reality. 🙂 Also, if it is actually based on an actual winery, making sure that making a “vaguely inspired by a true story” is clear for my use in this way. But, since I’m already in the middle of another story, and several others are in line ahead of it, it’s probably going to be next NaNo before I actually get around to it.

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