Mulch Ado About Nothing

Well… we didn’t go up this weekend. Providence prevented it, or it would have if you believe in such things. Rain raked the hills of Creemore for days making it a quagmire for the vines. A trip up there would have been entirely futile; at least that’s what I told myself while relishing a beer on a patio. We could not have watered the vines any more than Zeus already had and weeding can wait. The only other thing that could have been done would be to mulch, but who the hell lays mulch in the rain? Don’t answer that.

Have I ever mentioned our inexperience? No? Well there is a bit of a debate on how to manage the weed problem. Mulch is the most common solution but not strictly the least expensive. In fact a fair bit of it would be needed to cover the land to prevent new growth. A second option of straw would work too and would keep the accidentally rustic feel that our lack of funding has forced on us. The last solution we can think of is horticultural fabric. Bolts of the stuff can be had on the cheap and we just roll it out then dance around the maypole. I’m leaning towards the fabric and dancing but that’s just me.

So where does this leave our wayward vineyard? Exactly as we left it, slowly growing despite the best efforts of an ant uprising. Zeus may have visited, but it’s Dionysus we’re hoping takes up residence. Next weekend we will water, weed, procrastinate, and mulch.

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