Hark! A Vineyard (Redux)

Triumph filled our veins after leaving what is now officially a vineyard. Before this past weekend, the best we could consider our work was a “mobile vine-area” or in layman’s terms a series of buckets with plants in them. What did we do differently than all other weekends? We threw money and day laborers at our problems.

Seven of us piled into two tiny cars (one of which was a red mustang which boasted four seats but could only really be proud of two) and made our way north. We split duty between picking up heavy machinery and prepping the work for the day. Stayner Rental obliged us once again with a tiller and motorized auger, one proved useful, the other… not so much. Once we were all back on the property, we proceeded to get to work tilling, planting, pounding (posts), and staring indignantly at Derek.

It wasn’t all roses and glory however; an old nemesis reared its ugly head. Red ants, thousands of them, infested what was to be our third row of vines. A local fire ban meant we couldn’t deal with them in the Norse fashion so we had to settle for the next best thing: pots upon pots of boiled spring water poured over their hill. Did you know that boiling water on ants smells like lemon zest? Please continue not knowing this, it’s for the best.

The greatest challenge of the day came from the earth itself. As we dug the posts, we discovered that we were getting ourselves into a duel between with the seemingly endless amount of rocks that inhabit ground level and ever so slightly below ground level. The auger, the flagship rental of the day, proved near useless as it spun and skipped on the rocks in the earth. For all of its grandeur and look of pure maleficence, it proved to be no more than a particularly expensive dreidel.

We were not deterred by any of this; we were not even deterred when I accidentally spilled a small tank of gasoline all over my pants. The earth got tilled, the posts were jammed into the ground, and the vines made their way snugly into the earth. We have a vineyard.

More to follow!

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2 thoughts on “Hark! A Vineyard (Redux)

  1. Ants and gasoline. Just an average day?

  2. Tragically yes. Oh the life of an ambitious clutz…

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