Measure Once, Plant Twice

We cried for rain, it did not come. The morning started as auspiciously as any other: we woke up late, got moving later, and arrived with absolutely no concrete plans. Speaking of concrete, did you know if you look the other way for a week, the soil turns into concrete right when you need it to be soft and fluffy? Rain would have been nice, but I digress.

On our way up, we had some bright idea to build the trellises, so we drove straight past the “vineyard” and went right on to Collingwood. Our destination was the TSC store to pick up the fence posts, t posts, 1200 ft of wire we barely needed, and something called a post driver (although we kept calling it a tamper in the store). What we didn’t pick up for some reason was an auger to get these posts in the ground. Why? Because that would be too easy and we don’t like easy.

Fast forward and we are back on the property chiseling our way through soil that would make the Rock of Gibraltar blush in a vain attempt to get down two feet to put our end posts in. The result was two posts barely in deep enough, one of which was mockingly askew once it settled; it remains a obelisk of our inexperience. We then moved on to doing a final tilling to get of one section of the vineyard complete so we could at least get a few vines in the ground.

We proceeded to break the tiller.

Most people would give up under these circumstances, and we were no different. We ended up planting 18 vines in the ground in a space we had planned to plant 20. This turned out to be an error in our measurement stemming from using different size shoes to walk the lines of the vineyard. We decided to bring the remaining two back into the city and grow them here to make preserves or some nonsense. All the other vines will have to wait until next weekend.

Don’t we look happy?

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