Wedding and Weeding

There was a moment we called for a controlled burn, I believe the only thing that stopped us was our own apathy to retrieve the gasoline from the barn. This was the weekend we would beat the weeds back and reclaim the earth beneath. Oh, right, and my sister got married as well.

A thousand square feet of shrubs, small trees, weeds, carrots, wild berries … oh and cannabis stood between victory and us. Apparently our soon to be vineyard also houses a large volume of that other kind of weed. Needless to say, we briefly considered a name change for the vineyard. Will it affect the flavor of the wine though? The wild berries might for the better, cannabis for the worse.

We had a brief scare however, the earth fought back… with red ants. Apparently ants do in fact make you dance. We adeptly dodged the red anthill and left it for another day, we didn’t want to have too much excitement in a day more dominated by a wedding hangover than productivity. All in all the weeds were pulled, trees were mangled, and the grass sufficiently decapitated.

Jen got a sunburn.


The line must be drawn here, no further!

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2 thoughts on “Wedding and Weeding

  1. For all the bucolic scenery, you sure have embarked on a lot of work…sort of envious though

  2. You win the prize for most appropriate word! It certainly has been a lot of work but so far it’s been mostly fun. Thanks for the read!

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