But Google told me to!

We’ve committed murder, in a fashion, tasty tasty murder. No one can ever say we didn’t grow grapes, unfortunately those grapes had to be put down like oh so many feudal uprisings.

We went up this weekend to check on our temporarily potted vines and found them doing well, in fact a little too well. You see in their first year, you want only one dominant vine to grow and no fruit so that it has a chance to focus on its root system and keep the sugar in the vine.

What’s the Upshot? Better wine in the long run. Downside? We had to pinch off the growth that the vine tried ever so hard to make. It felt a little sad because you feel that the grapes should be a measure of success, but not now. Not yet. This culling process will have to continue all summer so we will just have to callous our emotions towards the vines. Oh well, you know what they say, que Syrah Syrah! Wait! We’re growing Baco, I don’t have a pun for Baco. Damnit.

Blurry picture!!

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6 thoughts on “But Google told me to!

  1. Scott Deveau

    hopefully, this little vineyard will produce enough wine to fill a baco [see what i did there?]

  2. I see what you did there and I like it!

  3. I’ll give you the pun, but it’s che not que!

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