Wait what? I don’t even…

Ever try moving 600 litres of topsoil in an old Mazda Protégé across gravel country roads? Don’t. While you’re at it, don’t try to convince the owner of a country tree nursery that it is a good idea.

I know I promised a blog on the trellis system this week but as it turns out, we are stalled on planting again. Apparently the daughter of the proprietor of the estate is getting married on the property, who knew? (I did, as she is also my sister but for some reason chose to ignore it) We’ll now have to wait on soil prep until after the wedding.

We had 60 growing vines that were getting larger with every passing day. We could easily take care of them in Toronto, but they would eventually get too large to transport (much like my humility as this project continues). It was only logical to take them straight to the site and care for them there. So we loaded up our cars with five gallon drums used for egg whites from a cookie bakery (thank you craigslist) and headed into the wild blue yonder. Over the course of several hours of work, we managed to jam them into the drums with gusto normally reserved for watching the Queen’s birthdays and C-SPAN re-runs. Now… we wait.

Below is a lovely hipster over-contrasted picture of the vines prior to planting, followed by a mundane picture of our vineyard planted into cookie ingredient drums. Enjoy!

So pretty

Look they’re spoooooning!

Trial separation…

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  1. Barkman

    Weddings: The Worst

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