“Men Plan, God Laughs”

This is what my father quipped to me when our plans fell through to plant this weekend. The issue was two-fold: first our own eagerness to plant outweighed our better judgment, and second apparently none of us are familiar with agriculture.

We assumed all the soil would need would be a good old-fashioned tilling prior to our planting. What fools we were. Apparently in order to get the soil prepped we have to bushhog, weed, plow, till, and then speak in soft tones around it so it doesn’t get upset. What does this mean? Time and money. We now have to wait on a quote from a landscaper for how much it would cost to plow the area as we lack the equipment to do it ourselves.

You may be asking yourself (but you likely aren’t) “Don’t you already have the vines?”, the answer is yes. In fact, we have around 60 of them floating in a brine of their own juices (see photo below). We’ll have to pot them for now until they are ready to plant next week.


Stay tuned for next week’s installment “Every Day I’m Trellising”!

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