Hark! A Vineyard!

Let me first say that inspiration struck us like a catapult full of oranges.

After spending a weekend-long trip through 30 bench, we found that it had left us wanting. It was the Herb and Wine Festival that brought us to Niagara which, for the record, is well worth the trip. Our gullets ran red and ragged from the sensory numbing amount of samples offered from the twenty five vineyards we had the pleasure of visiting. What we found however, was that our favorite locations were the small guys, the 10-20 acres who seemed the most anxious to please. We were more apt to buy and we lingered for the conversations. Those experiences were what we took with us, that and cases upon cases of wine.

Time passed, wine flowed, glasses shattered and oaths were made. Fast forward two weeks and we were frantically researching how to grow our own grapes. Climate, grape varieties, drainage scouting and a youthful sense of invincibility filled our heads. One big question stood out among all others that pushed us further … “Could we possibly be the dumbest people to try to make their own wine?” The jury’s still out.

So what of the vineyard? It is nestled on a hill in Creemore, ON. Harsh winters, harsher soils and friendly neighbors sums it up nicely. The grapes are being planted this very weekend (blog to follow, I swear). We’ve started with a small lot of 50 plants which should produce 200+ bottles in 3-5 years, but there is a great opportunity to expand if the prospects are good. Our first varietal will be a Baco Noir, chosen for its heartiness to endure the cold winters and overall deliciousness.

We would love to hear your feedback and advice to guide us along our journey to mediocre wine through years of hard work, so feel free to comment, share or troll. More to follow!


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